Our goal is to create products that are classic with the utmost attention to detail

“There’s just something about weddings. This entire business started because of a wedding” - Taylor Hanna

In 2010 Taylor Hanna, our designer and founder, was on his way to a wedding. As he and his now wife were getting ready at Taylor’s parents house, he realized he did not pack his necktie. Taylor’s father had always worn bow ties and did not have a single necktie in the house. After much talk and arguing his father finally convinced him to see if a bow tie would work. His father taught him how to tie a bow tie and after about 10 minutes he had it fashioned around his neck. Taylor instantly fell in love with the look and right then decided this was going to be his new look.

"The bow tie is a long forgotten accessory that can completely change the look of an outfit. It can turn a man into a gentleman, a young man into a man and a boy into a young man." - Taylor Hanna

There has been a resurgence in the US of high quality, handmade goods. Taylor has led men's accessories into a whole new trend by creating a bow tie that can be tied 4 different ways. We believe in products that will last, that can be handed down to the next generation. We believe in creating classic pieces that stand apart from fast fashion trends.