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Our Story

Our Story

It all started with a wedding 


In 2013 Taylor Hanna was rushing with his family to attend a wedding. Stopping at his parent's house, he quickly realized he forgot his tie. His dad, being a fan of bowties, gave Taylor one to wear.

At the wedding, Taylor was shocked at how many people loved the bowtie look he was wearing. As the evening went on, the idea started to grow on him.

After looking for a non-silk, less formal bowtie he could see himself wearing with a chambray shirt or jeans, his wife finally suggested he start making his own.
That began what was first the Clad Stache.

After years of making bowties and neckties for Weddings and retail, Taylor began to dabble with beard oils for himself. Once again, after discovering beard oils and what they can do for a healthier beard, he had trouble finding a scent that fit his unique style.


Now the Clad Stache specializes in grooming products. The mission of helping men look good & feel good is as alive as when Taylor sewed together his first bowtie. However, now you'll find a wide variety of oils, balms, soaps, and creams to help your hair and skin receive all the vitamins + nutrients it needs, as well as leaving you smelling great!