What Do Our Clothes Say About Us?

It's no secret that our clothing says a lot about us. What we do for a living, where we are going, where we've been, maybe what we have been doing and so much more. Many times our clothes are our first impression to a person we are just meeting, or just a passer by. If that was they only form of communication with people you had, what kind of impression would you want to leave? 

For example what does the above picture tell us about the person? Does it tell us where they came from or maybe where they are going? Does it tell us what they do? Does it tell us what the persons ambitions are, their emotions? Does it tell us anything about their spending habits? Does it say anything about what they take pride in?

Lets first focus on the emotions of the person. Maybe they feel really good right now. Maybe they just let the gym and totally dominated a basketball game. Maybe they hit 3 three pointers in a row. Or maybe they just picked some clothes up off of their messy floor and decided to show everyone that they don't care how people perceive them. They don't care to let the world know what they do. Maybe they are wanting to show the world they don't care about their appearance or that they don't take pride in themselves. Our clothes don't necessarily let us know all these things, but they sure do leave a first impression.

Our clothes should tell us most of these things but in today's society our clothes have become confusing. The above picture is hard to read, we can assume and label as much as we want but we could we way off.

So What does the above picture say that the previous picture doesn't? Does this man care about his appearance? Does he take pride in what he wears? If both men in the above pictures were to approach you and give you a piece of advice, which one are you going to listen to? What about his emotions? How do you think he feels? Well its been proven in Studies that when you dress well you feel better, not only about yourself, but about everything. You feel more powerful, you feel more included, which in itself can completely change your day.

Here are a couple of quotes to leave you with.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." – Rachel Zoe

"To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear." - Marc Jacobs


Where Has The Art of Being a Man Gone? (part 1)

What has happened in today’s society that has caused us to act the way we do as Men? (Or lack thereof)

This is a tough question to answer. Some will jump to the fact that chivalry is dead or that we as men don’t take pride in our appearance anymore for fear of being labeled. Maybe it’s the fact that we dress like a teenager and use words like Swag and Fleek. Maybe it’s partially due to the type of music a lot of us listen to. Maybe it’s the lack of respect we have as a society for other people.

We want to involve ourselves in their lives but in the completely wrong ways. Maybe it’s simply how busy our days are and when we get down time we want to spend them in front of the TV or drinking. Why don’t we open doors for women and elders anymore? Why don’t we stand up when a women walks into the room? Why don’t we throw our coat over a puddle, or at least help the women around it or over it? Why don’t we walk on the curbside of a walkway when walking with children and women? Why don’t we spend our time self educating? Why don’t we take pride in wisdom and appearance? For me it all leads back to RESPECT. Maybe it is due to how judgmental of a society we have become.


Here’s a challenge for you…

“How would your life be different if…You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.” – Steve Maraboli

There of course are men still out there that are doing these things but there are fewer by the day. What we have today is a society of 27+ year olds that for some reason want to never grow up (Maybe they watched Peter Pan a few times too many as a kid). They don’t want to take responsibility…for anything! They would rather spend time in a room watching football, drinking beer, and ultimately wasting their lives away. And don’t get me wrong I’m not against drinking, I just believe there is a place and time for everything and I myself enjoy a nice size glass of Bourbon on the rocks.

Do we not value our lives anymore? It used to be that our lives were spent educating our selves and planning what we are going to do next to make an impact on our community and the world. Unplugging from the daily routine of society by reading books and educating ourselves about what the greats did before us, not wasting our time with pointless games and drinking our minds to a mush. Finding ways that we can make a difference in our families’ lives, how we can better provide for them, how we can make an impact on our children’s lives. Do we show our kids and younger generation how we expect to be treated when we are elders? Do we teach those younger than us the way a man should treat a women?

I don’t believe the majority of us do, and that in its self is very scary. How can we guarantee that our children and the generation below us will have a better life than we did? This is something I would like to challenge you to think about. But many of you won’t. You think that it is too hard and I get that. These are tough questions and many of us are lazy, we are lackadaisical when it comes to just about everything, even when it comes to our jobs. How much work do you actually get done in a work day? How much of that time is spent on yourself, making yourself a vital part of your community? Most Men today spend more time on their cell phones watching pointless videos of people fighting or doing idiotic things on YouTube or Facebook.


This blog is a call to action! If we are not doing these things imagine where our world will be in 10 years, 20 years, and beyond.

Here are a few quotes to leave you with and also an amazing speech by Jim Carrey…


“All men who have turned out worth anything has had the chief hand in their own education.” – Sir Walter Scott

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

Video Link to Jim Carrey Commencement Speech



Style is important, but so is the History behind it!

Fashion trends seem to change over night, but one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of that fashion trend. Knowing the history behind some major fashion trends helps us to better appreciate what work went into creating them. In some cases the trend came from necessity. Taylor Hanna created The Clad Stache out of a necessity for a style he saw in his mind, but didn't see in stores. The modern versions of accessories we find around the common working man's neck everyday, started from a need.

If you know your history of fashion then this story will be familiar to you. If not, then enjoy getting to know what we now call a bow tie and neck tie. It all started when 17th century Croatian soldiers wore clothe, a cravat, around their necks to keep their collars closed. After the Thirty Years War ended, the French soldiers brought the style back and started a fashion trend amongst the higher classes of people. As seen below on Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice".

                           Colin Firth - Mr. Darcy /BBC

                           Colin Firth - Mr. Darcy /BBC

The History of the cravat is still celebrated in Croatia to this day. On October 18th 2003, The Academia Cravatica wrapped a giant red cravat around Croatia's Roman arena in Pula. They have done this every year since and as of 2008 Croatian Parliment declared October 18th "Day of the Cravat".

         Soldiers in traditional uniform during Cravat Day in Croatia. - photo by Nikola Solic/Reuters

         Soldiers in traditional uniform during Cravat Day in Croatia. - photo by Nikola Solic/Reuters