The Start

In 2012 Taylor Hanna decided to make a company doing something he had already been doing something for himself for years: design and hand stitching bowties. Recognizing the need for unique non-silk material from the current market; he set out to not only use quality materials that had a unique feel to their look and style, but also could be agile and give unique looks by being rearranged.


Whether it's a board meeting or guy night, wedding or a first date, bowties can meet any formal or casual needs. Bowties show the confidence to stand out and grabs the attention to show off your unique style.


The Quad Bowtie

The first concept for a new bowtie, besides utilizing new patterns and fabrics, was the idea that a bowtie didn't have to be just one bowtie. Unlike a regular tie, the unique methods to tie a bowtie showed Taylor how any single bowtie could be designed to have four different looks. As he started making his own, the Quad Bowtie quickly became a favorite of his peers. With buttons on the back, it not only let him not have to tie his bowtie every morning, but by switching the sides he had four different ways to highlight the two patterns and complete whatever look was needed.


Simply Amazing! This is a beautiful tie with quality stitching and sewing. the buttons make it wicked classy!

— Terry Lea

The tie is beautiful and impeccably made!

— Henlyetta


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