grooming products

Anyone who's followed along on our journey has probably noticed a sharp change in direction for our brand. The Clad Stache first became known for our unique bowties that made their way into so many special events: from galas to weddings. Our founder, Taylor Hanna, has taken the next chapter in his craftsman journey: creating organic, quality grooming and shaving products. We love seeing our bowties still being utilized around the country to spruce up men's styles, however we're just as excited to bring quality All Natural grooming products that help men feel good and have a healthy grooming routine. Everything from Beard Oil to Shaving Cream and Eau de Perfum.


Beard Oils & Balms

Taylor Hanna has worn a beard most of his life, but it wasn't till when he was approached about what product he was using for his beard that he realized he needed to be. His simple reply was "none." But after some research, he realized that a Beard balm and oil could be a much needed relief for the flaky skin and unhealthy hair he was experiencing. After sampling different brands, he couldn't find a scent that fit him. Most were overly masculine and others too feminine. He wanted something that he could enjoy being on his face, but also something his wife would enjoy being close to as well. After mixing different scents with mixtures, he finally found a combination he enjoyed and began whole-selling it to friends of his in the hair industry. Now, the Clad Stache has four levels of beard oils and balms (Basic, Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum) each offering unique scents and different combinations of vitamins and minerals.

Shaving products

Taylor was working on different scents of beard balms and oils when he began to receive feedback from his friends who didn't have a beard or mustache, but enjoyed the scents and wished they could support his journey. He quickly realized that there wasn't much focus on organic shaving products that safely helped reduc itchiness and irritation before, during, and after a shave. Developing some quality mixtures, the Clad Stache now has pre-shave oil to help condition the skinand soften those prickly hairs before you shave, a real shaving cream that will not dry your skin out, and an alchohol free after-shave balm that not only help to keep your skin moisturized and healthy but matches two of our Eau De Perfum's.



Eau de perfum

Realizing that his unique mixture of scents was hitting a market of men, who like him weren't finding that right balance in scents, he quickly found an organic mixture of an Eau de Perfum to help men smell good and feel good throughout the day. Like a cologne, but without the artificial chemicals, these blends help carry that mixture of classic scents that delivers not only a smell men can enjoy, but confidence that it will be enjoyed by those in their enviroments, and a product that you don't have to use more than one spray to be able to smell good all day.