The Process...

At The Clad Stache, we pride ourselves in making the process easy. Let us know what your colors are and we can match, coordinate and design with your color pallet.

From there we have you send us a few pictures of you, your groom, and the bridal party. We like to see whom we are designing for so that we can make your bow ties, neckties and/ or pocket squares fit into your style.

Because we want to make this experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible, we can come to you for fittings and consultations. Even though our handmade bow ties are self tie, we can deliver or ship them to you already tied. This way all the groom, and the wedding party have to do is button them on. Or we offer on location services for your big day.

One thing we try to do and understand is that many Grooms gift what we make as the groomsman’s gifts. We like to create pieces that they will wear outside of the wedding.


Bow Ties:

$120 - $99 each 1 – 5 pieces

$89 each 6 – 9 pieces

$79 each 10 – 15 pieces


$150 - $129 each 1 – 5 pieces

$109 each 6 – 9 pieces

$99 each 10 – 15 pieces

Pocket Squares

$75 - $65 each 1 – 5 pieces

$55 each6 – 9 pieces

$45 each 10 – 15 pieces

The Start

"There’s just something about weddings. This entire business started because of a wedding" Taylor Hanna

In 2010 Taylor Hanna, our designer and founder, was on his way to wedding. As he and his now wife were getting ready at Taylor’s parents house, he realized he did not pack his necktie. Taylor’s father had always worn bow ties and did not have a single necktie in the house. After much talk and arguing his father finally convinced him to see if a bow tie would work. His father taught him how to tie a bow tie and after about 10 minutes he had it fashioned around his neck. Taylor instantly fell in love with the look and right then decided this was going to be his new look.

"I was actually headed to a wedding back in 2010 and had left my necktie at home. I didn't have time to run back to the house and grab it or I would be late. I happened to be out at my parents house and my father talked me into a bow tie (took about 20 mins). I finally agreed and he taught me how to tie it. With his help I had it tied in about 10 mins and instantly fell in love with the look."